Foods To Avoid For Whiter Teeth

While foods like fibrous fruit, strawberries, and cheese may actually help you whiten and strengthen your teeth, there are other foods that can cause damage to your teeth. Dr. Emily Lin, Dr. Maggie O’Connell, and Dr. Millard Mazer offer some advice on what foods and beverages to avoid in order to enjoy your brightest smile.

Teeth whitening treatments are an economical and quick way to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Baltimore Canton Dental Associates offers both take home teeth whitening kits and ZOOM whitening for patients looking to brighten and whiten their aged or discolored smile. But did you know what you eat could help to whiten your teeth naturally, and can help maintain your healthy smile?

Foods To Avoid For Whiter Teeth

  • Blue or Dark Fruits: Blueberries, pomegranates, and blackberries, while nutritious, can stain your teeth.
  • Wine: This means red and white wine. Red wine is attributed to causing your teeth to turn gray from the high tannins levels. The high acid levels in white wine may actually make tooth stains darker, making them more visible.
  • Tea & Coffee: Tea and coffee are both high in acidity and have stain causing color agents in them. If you are trying to keep your teeth white, but can not kick your caffeine habit, try using a to-go lid to keep the beverage from coming in direct contact with the surface of your teeth.
  • Sugar: That includes candy, soda, and snacks like donuts. Sugar is what plaque feeds on. When it gets stuck in your teeth, which it does easily, plaque can build and cause tooth decay. Sugar can also damage your overall health. High sugar consumptions are linked to diabetes and weight gain.

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