Smoking & Oral Cancer

This Oral Cancer Awareness month, Baltimore, MD Canton Dental Associates encourages all of their patients to quit smoking for their best oral health. Smoking and any use of any form of tobacco greatly increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

Oral Health & Smoking

Patients who smoke have a much higher chance of developing oral cancer. Oral cancer is a potentially life-threatening disease that is directly linked to the use of tobacco products. Oral cancer often becomes fatal due to late diagnosis of the disease. Early diagnosis of oral cancer could be life-saving. Biannual visits to Canton Dental Associates for preventative dental check-ups could save your life. Our dentists are specially trained in spotting the earliest signs of oral cancer.

Smoking is also known to prematurely age the appearance of your face and your teeth and gums. Nicotine makes your teeth yellow and discolored. Smoking also causes fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and lips. Tobacco products slow the production of saliva and can lead to halitosis, dry mouth and tooth decay.

Do not ignore the signs of poor oral health, early diagnosis is essential in avoiding advanced dental restoration procedures. If you notice white or red patches on your gums, sores, or experience hoarseness or a feeling of something caught in your throat or notice a strange smell or taste to your mouth, schedule a visit to our Baltimore, MD dentist office.