Meet Baltimore MD Dentist Dr. Alejandro Rabanal

baltimore dentist Dr. alejandro rabanalDr. Alejandro Rabanal joined Canton Dental Associates Fall of 2015.

Dr. Ranbanal was born in Peru and obtained his DDS from the New York University Dental School Advance Standing Program in 2002. He subsequently continued his education in a residency in Prosthodontics at New York University. During his dental school career, he attended an internship in the Peruvian Air Force and subsequently joined the Peruvian Air Force as a General Dentist.

Dr. Rabanal holds memberships in American Prosthodontic Society, The Northeastern Gnathological Society, and the NYU college of Dentistry Alumni Association. He is very passionate about dentistry and strives to give the best quality care to all his patients. In his spare time, he enjoys sports and traveling around the world.